Thursday, March 24, 2011

iPad Help

Goodness..I am usually never without my iPad these days but I am definitely not using it to it's potential. I am looking for some cool apps and need some help from my peeps...

On any given day...

1. it lives in my purse and comes out at work-sitting on my desk and acting like my work dj
2. it gets pulled out whenever I am sitting anywhere other than work for more than 5 minutes to play solitare..extremely addicting
3. it holds only two movies that I downloaded..Shakespeare in Love and Love Actually. The other day at work, I put Love Actually on and only then realized that it really is not a family-friendly movie, especially the scenes with the porn actor stand-ins. Good thing I didn't have this ready to go on Christmas Eve with my teenage niece and nephew sitting right next to me..that would not have been good at all.
4. it helps me keep on top of all of my emails, including work
5. for the occasion that I have little ones around, I use the finger paint app for entertainment purposes..very cute.

I have found most of the magazine apps give you a little preview of the magazine, but not much more else. What am I missing? I am dying to know your favorite app?????

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