Monday, March 7, 2011

Magazine Library

As you all know, I just moved last month into my new condo. Even though I moved three floors below my exact apartment, the move was tedious. I had to undo all my bookshelves from upstairs and then put the books back onto the shelves downstairs. Of course, I didn't take pictures of how I had them and now it seems that the amount of them grew in the elevator. My parents came down to help me move, but my Dad let me know early on, that he was not moving the books..that was my job. Fair enough..the bonus of that is I didn't think I would hear from him the eternal question..why do you keep so many books?

Books are one thing...magazines are another. They have always been a bad topic around our house. I have so many subscriptions, if I don't keep up with them, they pile up really quickly. I made a supreme effort to keep them out of the way during the whole move just to keep the peace.

Now, since I am facing some design challenges..I am SO glad that I have kept every single Domino magazine ever printed. I have slowly been looking through each one and they have given me such great ideas, it still boggles my mind that they closed shop, since it seems to have been so many people's favorite magazine.

I still love Domino so much. They sit right next to my collection of every single issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. That collection keeps growing and will continue to grow until I get married..then I will give them all away-gladly!!!


Carole said...

I miss Domino, too. So many wonderful publications were shuttered due to the bad economy.

CT Cupcake said...

I loved domino, so sad it's gone. I was also a huge fan of Martha Stewart's blueprint magazine.

CDS said...

There are some magazines that you just cannot throw away! I have a handful and use them quite a bit. :)
ps- look on my blog today you;ll see some familiar elements! xoxo