Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

My $20 Amazon credit has been burning a hole in my online pocket since Living Social offered it up for $10 a few weeks ago. I decided to cash in this weekend and bought a bunch of movies for my library. I had a few dollars left, so I went to the book section, even though I have quite a few on my shelf ready to read. After plugging in one of my current books, I went to the bottom where it showed what people who bought that book also bought. After looking at too many chick-lit titles, this one caught my eye and it sounded funny. I ordered Friday night and chose the free shipping option and it was here waiting for me this morning before I left for work. I don't know how they do that...LOVE Amazon!

Overview from Amazon
What does an Indian man with a wealth of common sense do when his retirement becomes too monotonous for him to stand? Open a marriage bureau of course!

With a steady stream of clients to keep him busy, Mr. Ali sees his new business flourish as the indomitable Mrs. Ali and his careful assistant, Aruna, look on with vigilant eyes. There's the man who wants a tall son-in-law because his daughter is short; the divorced woman who ends up back with her ex-husband; a salesman who can't seem to sell himself; and a wealthy, young doctor for whom no match is ever perfect. But although his clients go away happy, little does Mr. Ali know that his esteemed Aruna hides a tragedy in her past-a misfortune that the bureau, as luck would have it, serendipitously undoes.

Bursting with the color and allure of India, and with a cast of endearing characters, The Marriage Bureau for Rich People has shades of Jane Austen and Alexander McCall Smith but with a resonance and originality entirely its own. Farahad's effortless style reveals a country still grappling with the politics of caste, religion, and civil unrest, all the while delivering a shamefully delightful read.

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Evie said...

I have read it! You are in for a nice treat of a book!