Friday, March 4, 2011

Mesmerized by J Lo

I am currently under a J Lo spell. She is so fun to watch on American Idol this season. Her makeup is always perfect, the big movie star hair always looks perfect and her clothes are an ecclectic mix of the outrageous and classic Hollywood glamour . The big hoop earrings are very Jenny from the Block, but I really love it when she breaks out with the scarves and her other over-the-top accessories. I have always thought she had the most beautiful skin and clearly hires the most proficient makeup artists..she is always glowing.

I am not the only one loving Jennifer Lopez...all the contestants seem in awe of her. She is so sweet and can't help herself when they perform well, sometimes jumping up and down in her seat. This season's new judges were a little surprizing to me in the beginning, but I am loving them all together and each new show.

*********************Spoiler alert********************

Very sad that Julie Zorilla didn't make it. She was one of my favorites!


pve design said...

She is gorgeous and the show radiates such a brighter healthier image this year. No more Mr. rain on my poo poo everybody!

Marla said...

i was disappointed too! unfortunately, I think the duet she did with Tim was so much better than either performance this week.

CDS said...

Her hair is amazing these days!!