Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Dinner for the real "Mayor of Miami"

Not sure how many of you were watching the Real Housewives of Miami..but they kept referring to Lea Black as the Mayor of Miami. She certainly does get around, but not enough to even jokingly get that title. One of the Real Mayors of Miami had a little birthday last week and Hoby and Christina gathered a few people on the roof for dinner.

My preview pic from Hoby

Hoby and the birthday boy

The birthday boy, Ricky Christina's beautiful watermelon salad Hoby and Christina have all sorts of cool accessories-love this ice bucket The buffet table

Delicious carrot of my favs The late night crowd.. Brian and Julieta

Such a fun going to their house for dinner! xo


JulesTX said...

Looks like a fun evening. I watched RHOM and often wondered if Lea Black was known as the Mayor of Miami by anyone besides those on the show - lol

joe said...

R.E. is definitely the mayor of miami and a few places beyond