Monday, April 25, 2011

This Year's Easter Festivities

My Easter was jam packed yesterday! On my way to lunch with friends, I stopped to see my brother and his family before they went boating. I had already accepted a very generous lunch invitation or I would have jumped in the boat with them. The lunch I was on my way to was a big family affair with tons of cousins and tons of food. The table was filled with yummy Lebanese dishes.

Everyone was very festive..

There was an Easter Egg hunt...

And the desserts came out...

In the afternoon, I ventured down to see Meg and Brett and the kids, who arrived yesterday. Little Ashley was napping when I arrived but when she woke up, she was raring to go..swimming in the pool and running around. Little Elizabeth has gotten so big since I met her in December, she is so cute.

I couldn't wait for Ashley to open my Easter basket and she is so smart, she reached in and immediately grabbed the white KP Designs box. The look on her face was hilarious.

When things were winding down, we had the most decadent gourmet meal prepared by Tef and Saskia..lambchops, pureed parsnips and a delicious salad. Unbelievably, there was still room at the end for a couple of mini Misha's cupcakes..everyone's favorite.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!!!

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