Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Caroline Kennedy on Late Night

My parents are in Ireland right now or I would have gotten a call this afternoon to make sure I didn't miss Caroline Kennedy on David Letterman. She was so funny with Dave promoting her new poetry book. Here is a clip...

A million years ago, she came to Miami with her book "The Right to Privacy" and was featured at our big book fair. It was announced in the paper and I was determined to go. Of course that day, no one would go with I set off on my own and sat by myself, listened to her and her writing partner speak and then stood in line to buy the book. It was rainy and humid and the line was outside, so by the time I go to her, my hair had doubled in size and I was mortified. Hilarious, when I was face to face with her, she had the same exact hairdo. So, I finally get to meet Caroline Kennedy, an out of body experience for me and guess what we talked and Oprah! I was on a high for weeks!

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JMW said...

What a fun interview - I don't think I've ever seen her very relaxed in such a manner, so that was neat to see. And how cool that you met her!