Thursday, May 19, 2011

"LIKE" ??????

Join my new Facebook page for Kristin Pearce old page is being archived. I put a new page together and messaged all the members of the old group to join the new group. These things never go as smoothly as you think they would...

I put a status update announcing my new page and practically begging my friends to "LIKE" my new page. So what happens? They "LIKE" the status update and don't click on the new page! Sort of frustrating.

So...if you would, please "LIKE" my new Kristin Pearce Designs page here. LIKING this page will give you sneak peeks of new designs, special discounts and specials, and really just make my day to have more than 70 people LIKE my business page.

Thank you so very much!

xo, kp

1 comment:

Precious and Pink said...

Congrats on the new page. I just signed in and "liked" it on FB. Just wondering if you ever got my last email for being the lucky winner of your *beautiful* bracelet in the last giveaway. My email has been having problems. All the best:)