Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NSS 2011

One week from today, I will be flying up to NYC for the National Stationery Show. I am so excited, I missed it last year and need to find some new things to sell! I got this email from Dabney Lee yesterday announcing her booth and she will be one of my first stops. This year, I have had such good luck with all of her new items. The choices are so plentiful and I can't help myself to keep ordering samples for myself with each customer order!

The newest addition to my stash is this AMAZING lucite box of 25 note cards. I have been wanting to order this for sometime, but just hadn't gotten around to it. This little treasure was just what I was looking for, a nicer option for thank you notes. The paper is creamy and the colors are super sharp. It took me so long to pick a monogram and style swatch, there were so many choices...

I am always ordering super notepads..an excellent gift for any paper lover $45 or 2 for $80

This adorable lucite catch all has been very popular. Only $40 and a great for teachers or anyone on your gift list. These items are available on my website.

I have a huge list of stationery booths I want to stop by and check out. One of the other most important is the Fresh Bunch. A ton of stationery companies have banded together and have formed a collective company where you can pay a fee to use their designs and print in-store. This new idea has been earning rave reviews..I can't wait to learn more about it. Not that I want to start printing-it makes me SO nervous..but it is important to know what it going on out there in the stationery world these days. Stay tuned!

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cassie said...

Ah! I would love to go to the stationary show! that sounds like so much fun!! Lucky YOU! (it's not open to the public right?)
love your blog :)