Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 National Stationery Show

Three weeks ago, I hopped on a plane for the day and headed to the Javitz Center with all things stationery on my mind. My travels were not so smooth-you can read about it here- but once I arrived, I was so excited to see what everyone had on display.

First stop, Dabney Lee at Home. It was amazing to see so many samples out on their shelves. She offers so many patterns and color combinations, it is hard to pick just one.

Her new calendars-non personalized so I they can just be ordered for a stock item.

These are my favorite new thing...a lucite box of notes. The paper quality is excellent and it makes the cutest gift.

This pink and white zig zag pattern is a new favorite!

In a hallway connecting the two different convention center areas, there was a line of mannequins wearing paper clothing designs. It was very interesting...

Next up...A Fresh Bunch. A bunch of my favorite designers have teamed up and created a company where you pay a nominal fee and have access to a bunch of designers all in one album. These designs can be printed on notes, pads, stickers, gift items, etc... You can mock it up right on your computer and then when approved, hit the order button. The designers get a fee and your order goes straight to print!!! It sounds fantastic and it just went live today!!!

This is what the interface looked like online...

There is even an iPad app!!! this line. So many items and color/pattern choices.

New desk pads and notepads

Preppy Cards..the owner/designer Kirsten has become a friend over the years..she keeps adding amazing items to her adorable preppy line, I can barely keep up. I always look forward to seeing her pink and green preppy booth at the show. It did not disappoint this year, chock full of the most beautiful designs on useful paper goods and gifts. Visit her website here.

Her busy booth!

All the albums..

To Do lists and Enclosure Cards

Acrylic trays

Doggie Bowls

Water bottle labels

New candles and matches

A selection of designs on notes

New calendars and mousepad pads

Favorite new item..the party bucket!

So excited to get these calendars and notepads. They are prints from watercolor originals and look very fresh and fun. All from Linda & Harriet.

Love these notepads..

The show was amazing this year..I am so excited to get new things and refresh the lines I already have. Will keep you posted when they come in and are added to my website!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

I think I've found a new lover...her name is Dabney Lee!

Glitterista said...

These are all so so so gorgeous!