Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Triple Sneezes

Even after squirting Purell in my hands 4 times a day on my trip, somehow, I caught a cold. This is crazy to me because I just had a cold a month ago! Thank goodness my Mom is still here, she ran out to get me meds this morning and now I am sitting on my couch next to a Kleenex box. I knew this cold was coming yesterday because I could not stop sneezing. Usually sneezing twice is bad enough, but yesterday, it started in threes! So fun..lucky I have lots of shows to catch up on while I sit on my couch and deal with my sniffles.

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CDS said...

Awww, welcome home and feel better all at the same time! The baby has a cold and has passed it along to me...WHAT JOY! xoxo (ps- did you see my covet 2 weeks ago on Thursday Threads?)