Saturday, July 16, 2011

All About Packaging...Trader Joe's

For years, I have been hearing about the fabulous Trader Joe's. One of my Newport roommates used to bring snacks to our house, picked up on the way down. Lately, it seems that Trader Joe's are popping up in all sorts of places, of course not in Miami. It is described as a Costco meets Whole Foods. Very interesting. On our Monday adventure to Providence, we made a pit-stop at Trader Joe's and I stealthily snapped some pics. I was blown away at how pretty everything was displayed and how fabulous all their packaging was...

This Kettle Corn was my favorite..

And then...rows of rows of fabulous items. All reasonably priced.

I loved Trader Joe's. Please build one in South Florida!!!!!!!

Visit their cute website here.


sSe said...

Trader Joes is the best. That kettle corn is to die for. I could literally eat bags and bags and bags. That and cat cookies are too good to pass up.

JMW said...

We're finally getting one in our town and I'so excited! I'm surprised that one hasn't popped up in Miami yet. Probably just a matter of time. :)