Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boys in the House

So, this summer was the first since 2007 that I did not get a room in our summer house in Newport. Everyone's lives have changed and there was no summer plan..and then at the last minute, some of the girls secured our house from last year for the month of July. I had only committed to visiting for one weekend and had planned on staying with my friend Brooke, so I took a pass on the roommate deal, but was very sad to be missing out on all the fun. As things turned out, they ended up getting one more roommate for the month, a cutie pie named Kenny. A boy in the house? Not so crazy, but very brave on his part.

So really, having a boy roommate didn't change things that much. Pretty convenient if you ask me. He didn't have any hesitation in answering the many "how does this look" questions...a boy in the house is actually very smart. Much more so when he invites his cute friends down for the night. I was sitting on the couch waiting for the girls to get ready and one came down the stairs out of nowhere and started chatting with everyone. Twenty minutes later, another one appeared. It was so funny. They provided entertainment for the rest of the night.

The weekend flew by. I got to shop around town, maneuvering around the tennis traffic. Shopping posts to follow...

All weekend long, the line for tennis was crazy...

Lots of time at Gooseberry of my favorite places in Newport. It was PACKED this weekend.

Always a line at my favorite snack grilled cheese and tomato ever.

Someone had music playing and my little friend started dancing on the beach..she is so cute.

They cracked me two little old ladies

Perfect scenery

A perfect weekend in most gracious hosts, Brooke and Wayne were so nice, they handed me the keys to their house and one of their cars right when I arrived. Really unbelievable. I am dying to go back instead of boiling in Miami for the rest of the summer. Will keep you posted.

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CDS said...

That reminds me of being in my sorority house, and anytime there was a boy in the house on the 2nd floor we'd yell "MAN ON TWO!"... :)