Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun with Crayons

Wednesday night, I babysat for one of my great friends. Her two boys were so much fun and at one point, there was some arts and crafts going on at the table. With lots of white paper and a huge basket of crayons, I set off to make my own masterpiece. While I am no Matisse, you get the at a trunk show. I fancied myself up with a cute heart belt and hot pink shirt. The only thing I didn't draw were paying customers lined up..although during the summer, it is sort of how things roll around here.

Today, we went to George's for a surprise birthday lunck for Cynthia. This is THE birthday week for 5 of my best friends..We used to have a big summer party for all the everyone is spread out in different states! But..wishing happy birthdays to everyone. xo

Happy Birthday Cynthia 15th

Happy Birthday Olga 16th

Happy Birthday Laura 18th

Happy Birthday Nicole 18th

Happy Birthday Cindy 20th

Have a great weekend!!!!

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CDS said...

SOunds familiar!Two of my best friends and I are born within 2 weeks of each other and we use to have big joint birthday parties. one is in London and the other is expecting twins and has a nearly 2 year old. :)