Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Newport, They Wear Bow Ties...

Timing is everything..and mine was perfect to actually be in Newport for this past weekend to attend this soiree at the beautiful Brooks Brothers store on Swinburne Row. The party was in honor of the new Social Primer line of adorable reversible bow ties made exclusively for Brooks Brothers. The party was full of very preppy people, some in tennis whites and others stopping in before dinner out in Newport.

There were fabulous displays of the ties around the store. Each one was cuter than the next.

I finally got to meet Social Primer himself, K. Cooper Ray. He was very charming. As a Southern etiquette expert, he has become a fixture in social scenes from coast to coast and writes about everything from art and style to grooming and decorum.

It was a perfectly planned party in conjunction with all the weekend's activities over at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Andre Agassi was inducted earlier in the day and the whole town was packed with tennis fans. Of course, there was even a special tennis tie in the collection.

Love this one.. As you can see, the ties are full of fun color and pattern combinations. The party was fantastic and unfortunately, I was a little too early because I missed seeing Kiel James Patrick and Unabashedly Prep's F.E. Castleberry, who had been tweeting about the party all weekend. Luckily, I met up with them later at the Sky Bar at the Cooke House. They were so cute and perfectly in place at the preppiest bar on earth.

Check out the Social Primer for Brooks Brothers Collection online.

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CDS said...

Swoon over bow ties!! :)