Thursday, July 28, 2011

She would have been 82...

Today would have been Jackie Kennedy's 82nd birthday!!

Can you imagine how crazy her life would be now with the paparazzi as horrible as they are now???? She would hardly be able to leave her apartment!


The Southland Life said...

She is so classic!

Catherine said...

that's assuming they would still be obsessed. she is frozen in time for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi - Thanks for this post - plus her heart would have been broken again with the death of her son.

I love your blog and designs!

I feature your shop on the Beachy Keen Shops page of my blog (at the bottom!)

Hope you're having a great summer in Newport!

beachside cottage

Anonymous said...

PS - Are you going to the Angela Moore tomorrow with the booksigning?

Wish I could go, but it's in Newport and I'm in South Florida!

(post on my blog, but I'm sure you've seen the advert!)

beachside cottage

CDS said...

How fab...Miami is 115 today and JO would have been 82. It's also my mother-in-laws birthday... :)

My Life as A Plate said...

oh my gosh! 82!! I love the picture of her swinging on the classy