Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ixnay the Elatingay

Two years ago, in passing, someone informed me on the not-so-savory details of gelatin and how it is made. I am not going to go into the details on this can Google it for yourself, but let's just say once you might not be reaching for Jell-o anytime soon.

I decided to cut out gelatin thinking it was just Jello..but I was so wrong.

Over Memorial Day, I sat in Hoby's Mom's kitchen chatting with his brother who happens to own a candy factory. I told him about my non-gelatin ways and he told me I was only scratching the surface with the Jello ban..gelatin is in tons of popular candy...including Swedish Fish!!!!

I almost fell off the stool. I flew to Baltimore with a small bag of Swedish Fish from Fresh Market!!! He started listing all the candies...jelly beans, gummy worms (any gummy candies) and even marshmellows!! There goes Rice Krispy treats. I said it right then out loud-with more Swedish Fish for me. If you know me, that might be hard to believe, but I have not had one or even thought about it since that fateful night.

After I did a little more research.. I found one really sad addition to the gelatin list...candy corn. I really love candy corn but will be skipping it from now on. Gelatin can also be found in many non-fat adds flavor among other things. Gelatin is also used for gel caps that many medicines are as. It seems like it is everywhere.......

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