Monday, August 29, 2011

Not All About the Number

What a crazy weekend for the East coast!!! Down in Miami, we certainly dodged a huge bullet and watched Hurricane Irene barrel up the Eastern Seaboard. Hopefully, everyone survived safely and didn't lose power. These images from are evidence that even a category 1 storm can do serious damage. I am appalled by the news people asking citizens if they thought everyone over-did the coverage and the warnings? I am sure there are some people in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey and Vermont that would have a few things to say about that.

In Philadelphia...

North Carolina...

New Jersey

Downed trees in NYC..this picture is unbelievable.

Virginia Beach

From the space center, the view of Irene from above!

And now the remnants of Irene are causing horrible flooding in Vermont.

Hopefully, all these beach towns can still get some last minute summer business over Labor Day!


JMW said...

This was a huge storm that impacted millions, so I don't think the media over-did it. I was constantly checking in because we vacation every year at the Outer Banks and I know folks who live in other impacted areas. Very scary.

CDS said...

i remember when Katrina came through Miami as a cat 1...and it was horible in the gables. its not the "number" but the size and kind of storm you are dealing with. crazy weather weekend.

My Life as A Plate said...

I cannot believe all the flooding! A lot of my family in NJ had to deal with the storm, but luckily everyone was ok! I think it is just luckily the storm was not as bad as originally predicted