Saturday, August 6, 2011

Questions for Angelina....

OK..where to begin? First, the Jolie-Pitt gang all went to see Wicked for Maddox's 10th birthday. Isn't Wicked a little scary for a 5 year old? I think the Wizard of Oz is too scary for a 5 year old. Second, I wore a skirt with legs that white and I was given two bottles of self-tanner. Did she not see herself in a mirror before she left their hotel? Third, her arms look like sticks...does she eat? Last, I am all for letting children express themselves, but does she even buy dresses for Shiloh to wear, should she change our of her "I want to be a boy like my brothers" phase? Angelina is not the most feminine of girls, so Shiloh experimenting with boy clothes is not that outrageous... but it is such a shame to waste those amazing luck of genes on a beautiful little girl trying to be a boy.

Wait until Suri's Burn Book gets a look at this picture!!!!!!

Picture via People Magazine

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Catherine said...

You are right on ! That body is more than a bit pasty. I thought those were two boys! What's the deal here?