Thursday, August 11, 2011

Searching on Pinterest...

Since I am in serious decorating mode these days, I have been combing through my magazine pull-outs that are organized in portfolio books. For years, I have been yanking things out of house magazines and organizing them and then putting them into Itoya books that sit on the bookshelves, ready to pull out when necessary. Now...Pinterest has almost erased the need for all that hassle! You can literally catalog all your magazine pull-outs online and even search for specific things. I am obsessed with this new website and have had the best time organizing my boards and pins. Need to find pictures of blue and white Chinese porcelain used in decoarating???? These amazing pictures are all on Pinterest. If you haven't checked it don't know what you are missing!!!!

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CDS said...

So how is it different from Tumblr?