Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Under Attack...

My laptop has been invaded by a virus that wants me to buy an antivirus. There is so much irony there but I am so annoyed that I can't even laugh about it. My computer friend Brad told me it would be around $95 to remove it and install a new anti-virus. The thought of putting more money into my falling apart Dell laptop when I am dreaming of a new Mac Book Pro is just not something I want to think about.


I am now officially obsessed with Suri's Burn Book. It cracks me up and I think whoever is writing it is brilliant. Let's see how long it will take Tom Cruise's lawyers to take it down. I hope a long time... My favorite one this week is:

IT HURTS ME. The faces are so pretty, but the clothes are so sad.

I just couriered over a box of clothes from my overflow closet.

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So...I love Jennifer Garner and I think she dresses like a no nonsense Mom out and about, but sometimes..the girls could be dressed a little nicer. Suri does not approve of crocs. Also, this little Seraphina is beautiful..she is going to be a stunner.


living well said...

try downloading malwarebytes. it is free and usually cleans up everything - viruses, spyware, etc.

CDS said...

LOVE Suri's Burn Book! :)