Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dancing with the Stars is not on my usual list for the DVR. I never really got into it and only saw it a couple times when someone good was a "star". After all the crazy summer promotions, I tuned in last night, ready to cheer on Chaz Bono and Rob Kardashian.

Chaz, because I feel like you have to cheer him on after seeing him on Oprah and then on the OWN channel with his show. He is so interesting and his story..well-unbelievable. Rob, because I am a huge Kardashian fan, and want him to shine like all his sisters. Plus, it is fun to see them in the audience.

I thought it was ok..I am not a huge fan of the show. I think the outfits are a little over the top and all I could think of was how much spray tanning was going on before the show. I will watch tonight to see who gets kicked off...but counting the days for American Idol to start..my favorite competition show!

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