Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decorator Needed...

My parents came into town today for a short visit. My especially handy Dad can be coaxed into bringing his tool belt on these trips, but I have to have everything ready for him when he arrives. The building that I live in is old and made of the thickest concrete, so hanging things requires a drill, a strong drill bit and patience. My art collection is a little out of control and I needed a little guidance on where to hang things up. My regular decorator Meg is still out of town, so I emailed my friend Megan and tempted her with some jewels to come over and give me some advice. She said yes and I was so relieved.

After telling me I wasn't allowed to buy anymore art, there simply is not enough wall space to fit everything...she started playing around with different pieces and we came up with some solutions.

Instead of hanging this bird print up, she perched it (no pun intended) up on top of my bookshelf. It looked instantly at home there. Next up, a funny tiny part of my living room wall that sticks out a little. She pulled my portrait out of my bedroom and mixed it up with one of my colorful oil paintings. I would have never put them together, but loved the idea of mixing and matching.

This little painting is from an artist who was the art director of the Anthropologie in Richmond, Virginia. There were paintings all over the store but they were not for sale. I begged them for her name and contacted her to paint me one. She sent this to me and I finally had it framed recently.

We agreed to meet up soon after I get some things framed (remember my Jacqueline Duheme book with the Jackie Kennedy paintings??) and Megan told me show owns her own drill and loves to use it..a great thing to hear!!!

She also suggested I have these needlepoint canvases made into pillows to match my living room. If I buy the fabric and all the necessities and maybe bring some yummy chocolate, I could probably get my Mom to make them over Thanksgiving. It's being added to this list.

When my parents arrived today, I was still at the office, but they went to work fixing my overhead light, attempted to fix a few other things, but waited for me to hang the pictures. It took almost 15 minutes for the actual drilling since the wall I picked out was a dense structural concrete load bearing wall..of course. The end result? So cute. I can't wait to keep going!!! Thank you Megan!!! xo


My Life as A Plate said...

The painting from the lady at Anthro is amazing, I love the bright colors

CDS said...

You should have my mom come in to help you, she has an AMAZGING eye! She helped with our house so much! ...but I am the bookshelf queen so I am happy to help with those. I am also a HUGE fan of clustering art work. xoxo ps- check my blog today

Summer is a Verb said...

Looove those li'l needlepoint pillows! Is it time constraint or lack of know how that's keeping you from doing them yourself? You could whip those babies up in no time. While your watching Revenge :)