Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall TV Updates

Not to turn this blog into Entertainment Weekly, but since I watch more television than most people, I feel compelled to share my latest updates on Fall Television:

2 Broke Girls is the funniest new show. I love both the actresses and think the writing is hilarious. Mondays 9:30 on CBS

Prime Suspect is one of my new favorites. It takes a little while to get into this show, but it is funny and interesting if you stick with it. They have this show on a wait-and-see list and I am hoping it survives! They are re-playing it during the week at 10pm to get more people to watch (and fill in the cancelled show's spots) Thursdays 10pm on NBC

Hart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson is adorable. It is hard not to keep thinking she is Summer Roberts from the OC since she talks just like her, but I LOVE this show. Jaime King is hilarious and it is a great mix of comedy and a little drama with great backdrops of Alabama. Mondays at 9pm on the CW

and...Revenge. Well, I do love this show but have to admit after watching several episodes, the acting is horrible. I never let that stop me from enjoying a good show, but still... They keep teasing that something HUGE happening on episode 7, so stay tuned. Also a quick disclaimer, they shoot this show entirely in Wilmington, NC (just like Dawson's Creek), and the actress who plays Emily has never set foot in the Hamptons. So funny. Wednesdays, 10pm on ABC

and New favorite. I waited to watch and then watched three in a row and laughed so hard. Zooey Deschanel is so funny and can't help but love her. This show is doing so well, they were confident enough to pull it off the air for 2 weeks for baseball. The fans went crazy, so I am pretty confident this one will be around for a while. If you haven't watched yet, set your DVR and check it out. Tuesdays 9pm on Fox

Homeland with Claire Danes is fabulous. The story is so good and you get sucked in. She is amazing on television and Mandy Patinkin is great as her mentor. I love shows set in DC, so this is a treat and makes me feel like I am watching a sister show of 24! Sundays on Showtime

On my "thanks but no thanks list"...


Up All Night

On my newish tv show list of favorites

The Good Wife

Rizzoli and Isles

Covert Affairs

In Plain Sight

and on my still good after all these years list....

Grey's Anatomy

Desperate Housewives

Law & Order SVU but missing Det. Stabler


CDS said...

KP I think I am the only other person who watches as much TV as you do! Are you not watching Pan Am? I thought you would it. I also got sucked into American Horror Story thanks to one of my Gubbies. Our TIVO is crazy...Wednesdays on ABC, Thursdays with NBC, CBS and ABC going...WOW! :) xoxo

Kate said...

I love Revenge. I think it's not bad acting but bad dialog. Does that make sense? The actors aren't given much to work with! I just heard that they are now filming in LA because they didn't want to stay in NC. I have a friend in the south bay who says she saw them filming.

Hart of Dixie is really cute. Predictable but I love it.

Haus and Home said...

I love 2 Broke gives me a great laugh!

JMW said...

I love "2 Broke Girls" as well - so funny and quirky! I've been wanting to catch "Homeland," but have yet to see it. I agree with your sentiment on "Whitney" (bad), although I love Will Arnett and thought "Up All Night" had potential. The time slot is not great, though. I'm watching my ABC favorites during that time.