Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Girl

My trip to North Carolina is in honor of my Goddaughter Elizabeth's first birthday. We spent the day getting ready for her party tomorrow and I am obsessed with getting cute pictures of her and her sister..but they move so darn fast. My normal camera just doesn't have the speed to catch them so my Blackberry, which is usually in my hand anyways, has been filling in.

Elizabeth...about to start walking..she is really on the move..

I have paparazzi tendencies when I am around these girls...

Big sister Ashley posing for me..I love this picture..she is getting so grown up!

Ashley tried to help me get a sister didn't really work out...

Elizabeth's big party is tomorrow, but we had a little cake for her tonight..

After the cake, she was covered with hot pink sweet.

More pics to come..I am loving the Fall leaves and chilly weather here!

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Summer is a Verb said...

I could eat that baby up with a spoon! She is just so beautiful...XXOO