Friday, December 30, 2011

Art Basel..Several Weeks Later

Earlier this month, I had the fortunate pleasure to attend the Vernissage party for the opening of Art Basel. It is the most fun people watching I have ever seen. The crowds were huge this year and for the first time, we had to wait in an enormous line to enter the convention center. My press pass didn't make me any type of VIP unfortunately!

There was so much art, tons of spaces all decked out to look like real miniature galleries. Some are very sparse and some are packed with all different kinds of mediums. You have to walk around for about 3 hours to really see everything...and this was only the first night!

When walking around, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is the art and what is part of the convention center...this wall had me stumped. Is it a cement wall with plants or is it an exhibition called "Cement and South Beach Corn Stalks"

This VW bus had a huge audience staring at it...very interesting...

After a couple of hours walking around, the people watching took over and I became fascinated by the pants. So many men had on fabulous are a few:

my favorite the pink pants with the green loafers..

And the most popular piece of art???? This very real looking replica of Prince William. Everyone was standing in line to pose with funny.

Amy looks pretty good with the Prince!

There really is nothing like Art Basel..well worth the trip to Miami Beach. Each year it gets better and better!

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CDS said...

Prince Wills was one of my favorites too!! :) He was my FB pic for a while. xoxo