Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tick Tock...

Oh my...I am racing against the clock, trying to catch all my clients before the holiday deadlines pass!! Today was the cut off for Clairebella, tomorrow for Preppy Cards and that leaves me with a few days left of Paper and Ink Designs, Queen Bea and Alphabet Plates!

I have two big shows this week and all the year-end work for my real job. Yikes! Of course there is also Christmas shopping for myself. It always happens to me when I have a little extra cash from my holiday sales to shop for myself..that's right I am selfish. I don't think it is too out of the are in the malls and online, of course you are going to see good stuff for yourself while you are shopping for others.

One of my friend Cece's aadorable pink trees

My Christmas list seems to dwindle each year, making it easier to get through it. Coming up with creative and recipient appropriate gifts is a little bit of a challenge. I know what I am getting for most of my list, so I hopefully won't be hitting the malls December 24th!

When my Mom and I were shopping in Jacksonville, I found this adorable display of striped long-sleeve t-shirts at Banana Republic. I fell in love with the navy/grey one and bought it this weekend. This is it and it comes in so many cute colors!

Me and my cutie pie Goddaughter my new shirt!

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