Friday, January 13, 2012

After Christmas Cocktails

The week after Christmas, I decided to have a few friends over for after Christmas cocktails. I should have been relaxing after my crazy Holiday season, but I always try to keep things interesting around here. In the past, I used to entertain all the time living in my parents guest house, but living in an apartment is a little trickier. The parking is valet only and it fills up and my actual apartment is not that big. I started off with a few besties and then decided to invite a few other girls. Next year, I am going to have more people, now that I know they will fit and that I can reserve valet space. I think it will stay all was so much fun.

I got out my cookbooks and decided to make most of the food myself. My table was packed with goodies...

I did buy Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets to round out all the Barefoot Contessa dips and guacamole I prepared.
Caprese on sticks
Hopsys Hello Dolly Bars and my favorite coffee cake
My apartment was very festive...

Holly, Catherine and Anne Beaumont

Denie, Lori, Me and Amy

Sandy, Stephanie and Cynthia
Ashley and Corey

My command center..almost all cleaned up!
It was so much fun to have friends that I am almost done buying my new dining room chairs, I can have some dinner parties. I need to brush up on my culinary skills..although one of my friends compared my guacamole to Rosa Mexicano!

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eas said...

All the food looks yummy! And I love that portrait of you as a little girl!