Monday, January 23, 2012

Beaux Arts Festival Weekend

The beginning of January is always full of activities. The Beaux Arts Festival of Art is one of them, so fun and always a wild time. The festival runs Saturday and Sunday and is on the grounds of the University of Miami campus. There is always has a great range of artists and reasonable priced art, a bonus. The entire festival is run by our volunteer group and everyone is required to work several shifts. The night before it opens, there is a costume party called the Bare Bones Ball. The theme is announced in the Fall and people take it super seriously. It is such a fun way to kick off the festival weekend. This year's theme was a Royal Celebration..or not. When I arrived, I saw a ton of fascinators!
The Queen welcomed everyone to the party..

This cute car was on the check-in table.

Our Treasurer and President-Elect
Heather and Nikki
Me and Corey

There were festive British decorations everywhere

Corey, Ceci and Melissa
Lots of soccer outfits...

Me and Ceci (decked out in kp jewels)

Our party co-chairs Ashley and Michelle

There were British guests strategically are Kate and Wills

Holly and Amy

British napkin holder

The party went late and some of the girls had shifts at the crack of dawn..not sure how they got up in time...

The weather was beautiful for the entire weekend.
I was at a coke booth all day on Sunday. (this was my view) The early shift was me and Denie. After we got set up, we had some visitors...

Reese and Penny

They put on gloves and helped us out...

Little Brooke came in the afternoon.

Map of the festival

Plenty of art projects for kids at the City National Bank Art Park...

There were tons of amazing food was so dangerous. My coke booth was near grilled corn, pizza, kettle corn, arepas and every other fattening carnival type food. For full disclosure..we served coke products in the plastic bottles, so I was seen several times picking though the recycle bins for the caps to log into My Coke Rewards. I just ordered People Magazine with those points! I am obsessed.

Photos by Kristin Pearce, Sheri Mazariegos and Cecilia Slesnick

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CDS said...

What a fun recap of a fun event and beautiful festival! :)