Monday, January 30, 2012

The Frustration of Facebook Pages

When Facebook decided to get rid of the Groups and switch over to Pages, they made everyone start from scratch! It has become quite a struggle to get my old group friends to "Like" my new Kristin Pearce Designs page! I have put many status updates very nicely asking people to Like my new page, even using "pretty please" and promising not to over post. I still have over 125 people left in my old group. Then to make it more frustrating, when I have used a status update on my personal Facebook page with the link to my new KPD page, many people quickly scan the update and Like my status update. That doesn't really help, but thank you!

Facebook is the best way to get the word out to customers about sales, specials or just general news. My friend Mason send me a little article the other day basically saying that if you are begging for likes, they don't really mean anything. Obviously if you Like a page on FB, you are usually interesting in the subject matter, not having your arm twisted so someones number is high. Hilarious. I would just like to consolidate please....

So, I added this new widget on the sidebar of my blog which makes it easier to click the Like button. If you are so inclined, I would be so happy to have you Like my Kristin Pearce Designs page. I promise fun new merchandise in the next few weeks, giveaways and discounts.

Thank you so very much! xo

1 comment:

Vy Barto said...

FB can be sooo annoying! I totally understand making changes so things are better, but why have you start from scratch? :(
I went ahead and liked your new FB page! :)