Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snowing in Miami??

When the weather in Miami dips below 75 degrees, everyone panics. When it goes below 50 degrees, you could see some mink coats spring into action and a ton of pashminas wrapped around everyone. This morning, it is supposed to be in the 30s!!! It is hard to wrap my brain around that. Luckily, I invested in an adorable black puffy coat last year and that is what I will be wearing tomorrow. Thank goodness for seat heaters!

This picture is from the 70s in Miami, taken at my Grandparents house on Biscayne Bay. My Grandfather had some "snow" delivered for us to play in. I am actually shocked that I had a coat!


suburban prep said...

My sister sent a picture of the fact that they had their fireplace on last night. She lives in the South Florida area also. I told her she could be back in the Midwest where yesterday it was a high of 22. Her response was so true.

Hope it warms up for you guys.

annechovie said...

Happy New Year, Kristin! I love that pic of you - so cute. I can't believe how chilly it is for us here in s fla...I just came back from Chicago yesterday and was hoping for some warmth. xx