Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Last Birthday Celebration and Mikhail

Thursday was my pretend birthday at work. We have been so busy, we couldn't celebrate it any earlier! Helen surprised me with an entire breakfast spread from Einstein's..large diet coke and princess balloon included.
and pink candy...
I had requested a pizza lunch and we ended up having 14 people for a pizza party. It was so fun and very festive. The table was decorated in pink with candy in bowls and balloons all around. Carvel ice cream cake for dessert..yum and I am wearing a candy necklace and bracelet for the occasion.

(my sweet friend Tavia took this picture and it looks like I am trying to get out of it! I have been trying to be under the radar in pictures until my hair grows out a little more)

Instead of my usual leave work-drive home in horrible traffic ritual, I skipped over to Wynwood with Amy to the Gary Nader Gallery. A certain dancer turned photographer was having an exhibit and would be there in person. We got there right on time and spotted Mikahel Baryshnikov immediately. He is the tiniest thing and unfortunately was getting swarmed by the hordes of art/ballet fans that showed up as well.

Amy got a picture with him..they were chatting away

So, it is the end of the birthday celebrations...little Nicole made me this beautiful cake that I took home. This photo is quite staged since I lit most of the candles myself, but wanted to get a good photo. It was delicious!

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Steph said...

I like your hair that length, it looks really good on you!