Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest is Crack...

Beware of those of you who are not already pinning away on Pinterest. I have had a Pin button installed for a few months already and it is a huge time sucker. Like falling down the rabbit hole, you can start searching for one thing and then finding another fabulous thing and the next thing you know...2 hours have passed and you have created a beautiful board full of amazing images to be proud of.

How do you get those images? You search the Internet for pictures and click the Pin button and it suddenly becomes your image. Hysterical. Unlike most other types of online communities, it is perfectly acceptable to steal pins from can check out Suzie Q's style boards and re-pin them to your own and not break any rules since the original source is always located on the bottom.

I am not on Pinterest every day, but when I do get on, I am like a Pinning Ninja, for 20 straight minutes looking for pictures that I like, telling a whole story with "borrowed" pictures from other people. The whole thing is rather funny if you think about it. After a successful pinning session, I do get some type of cheap thrill when the emails flood through my blackberry that so-and-so re-pinned this and that. Almost a proud feeling really, that I have found some picture that others deem "re-pinnable". But, I am always hesitant to re-pin from my friends, seriously thinking it is like stealing someone else's good idea and passing it off as your own. Am I crazy?

If you are redecorating, this is the only place to start..with so many pictures of every type of design, every room in your house and every color in the rainbow. I love it so much.

Do you need an invite?

It is really the most fun.

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Kate said...

I agree! don't know who I lived without Pinterest. It is my go to spot for party ideas, decor, recipes and diys.