Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preppy Potato Belts and Other Belts for Sale

So proud of myself for trying to clean out part of my hall closet, not knowing what I would find hidden in tote bags along the bottom. In one of them, an entire set of neck and bracelet forms in black. I put these away when I switched to white and now not sure what to do with them. In the bottom of the tote bag, was a plastic bag filled with my Preppy Potato belt samples.

I found Preppy Potato in 2006 and was so excited to sell her cute belts with monograms and different preppy icons. After modest success and right before my website materialized, they went out of business! I found out after checking for a fabric on their website! So frustrating after investing in the samples...so my loss will be someones gain. Here are the samples I have and will offer the buckles for $15 and the belts for $12. The buckles will work with other leather belts, so if I don't have the color/size you want, you can easily find elsewhere.

Green and cream fabric with D Monogram Belt Buckle

Brown and Green Diamond Design

Not sure of the chances, but these initials are jPg (navy and white fabric with green monogram)

Hot pink pony on brown/white fabric

Hot pink heart on black and white cow fabric

Red and white houndstooth-SOLD

I am willing to mix and match. If you see a buckle you like..these are the belts:
Dark brown leather size 34
Dark brown leather size 34
Black leather size 32
Black leather size 36
White distressed leather size 32-SOLD


Also available is this adorable brown and pink ribbon belt by Lucy's Sister. This D-ring belt has a bow detail in the front. Adjustable size M-XL $18 plus $1 shipping


At the Atlanta Gift Show in January, I found these adorable belts and snatched up a bunch. They measure 47.5" long and 2.5" wide. They retail for $10 plus $1.50 shipping.

Pink/cream, Black/white houndstooth, blue/white, red/white zebra, orange/white or pink floral.

Pink/white, red/white zebra, pink/green stripe and red/white twirls

Leave a message here is you are interested in any belts! Will send a paypal invoice asap.


Unknown said...

Hey can I get the red houndstooth buckle and white 32 belt?

kp said...

Yes, email me summerinnewportblog@gmail.com and I will send a paypal invoice. I will remove from the pictures!

Unknown said...

Hey I sent an email but it bounced back.