Friday, March 30, 2012

American Two Shot

In 1989, when I was working part time at a children's clothing store in South Miami, a Mom and two girls came in to shop. When I commented on how cute they were, the Mom asked "do you babysit?" I said yes and what started as a Sunday babysitting gig turned into life-changing relationship with their family, becoming a borrowed big sister of sorts, spending lots of summers with them, helping with carpools, traveling, shopping and shaping their music taste with stolen mixed tapes that I sent home from college. It wasn't true babysitting, because their cool Mom was always around-we had so much fun...

Me and the girls a few years ago at their brother's wedding

Fast forward to 2012 and they are all grown up and both living in NYC. Both are artists and both are super smart. I love hearing what they are up to and keeping up with them-even though as time goes on, it gets harder. The youngest one, Olivia, is an amazing artist and has just opened a boutique in Soho called American Two Shot.

Located on Grand Street, this artsy store carries men and women's clothing, vintage finds and has an on site cafe. The space will also host art exhibitions. This week, New York Times Magazine did a feature on the opening of this fun new retail gem.

Check it out...

American Two Shot
135 Grand Street
New York City

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