Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuck with the Original

Two Christmases ago, no one was more excited to receive an iPad than me. I coveted one for so long..not having an iPhone or a Mac, it was my first foray into the world of Apple besides my iPods and I was so excited. Of course, a few months later, when the iPad2 came out, I was slightly envious of the cool new model, thinner, with a camera and the cool colored covers...

The time to cash in on the original iPad was right away, selling on eBay for an amount that wasn't so low it could make you cry. I missed that boat and now with the iPad3 about to launch, my dinosaur iPad is practically worthless! Some of the cool new apps don't even work on the original, kind of like a slap to the face for having an outdated toy.

These days, the thought of spending a chunk of cash on a new model of a device that I still consider a luxury, not a necessity is not really feasible. I am saving up for a new kitchen..but I did see one of my friends whip out her iPad in the most sumptuous black Chanel case a few weeks ago.

The puffy caviar leather with the beautiful interlocking Cs took my breath away and I am not afraid to say I was pea green with envy. My standard issue black Apple cover has stood the test of time and kept my beloved iPad from cracking in half at being dropped several times by accident, but it is so ugly and..well-standard. I think I need this new case.

So, spend the money on a new case to put my old iPad in..or buy a new updated iPad???


Miss Sweet Tea said...

New iPad, for sure!

Phyllis Bourne said...

Get a new case. Upgrade after you get your kitchen redone.

Catherine said...

KP - What kind of nut are you, girl?
If you have an out-dated piece of technology, then update it. A Chanel case? And you need a new kitchen, hello??? Did your brains fall out of your head? If you update your condo you are increasing its value. What will you do with the Chanel? Flash it around so others will be envious of you? How would you know anyway? It would only you projecting. And how can you bank that envy, pray tell?

kp said...

Hello, don't you know I have a shopping problem? I have whittled the shopping down to the Gap and Old Navy with only an occasional naughty purchase.

Summer is a Verb said...

I say flash away girlfriend! And, dibbies on being the first passenger on that envy train ;)

ps...'tis true what they say, people throw rocks at things that shine.