Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Best Ebayer...

Not sure about you, but I have so many things I would like to put on eBay but simply do not have the time or patience to do it myself.  My friend Brooke has been a devoted eBay seller for years and has just opened an eBay store.  She is now accepting items to sell and you can send them right to her to get started.  She has a 100% perfect feedback from over 2400 transactions, which is almost unheard of in the eBay world.  Her attention to detail and accessibility is fantastic.  She is the only person I would trust to sell my things.  This is her info:

Consignment woes....We have a great solution.
Scared of eBay, tired of getting $10 for a dress you paid $300 for, annoyed when you have finally cleaned out your closet and you have to wait three weeks for a consignment appointment or you would just love some extra cash???

Don't have time to make separate trips to 3 different consignment stores; kids clothes, adult clothes and house wares?

Pack your mixed items in a box 
-Baby clothes with tags on 
-Candlesticks in the box
-Dress you wore once

You would be surprised to find out what you have at home..
Consign with us and we will turn your items into cash.

Email me at trunkshowmoms@gmail.com and we will explain how it works. Ship me your items from anywhere in the United States and I will credit the shipping you paid back to you in your first check. 


So, contact Brooke and tell her kp sent you so you can get started making some money for your summer vacation!!

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CDS said...

I'm totally emailing her! I'm tired of the place I consign!