Friday, May 25, 2012

I Waited One Day To Discuss...

Wednesday night, I worked late and then had a jewelry appointment at 9pm.  Not hearing who the winner of American Idol was before I got home to watch it myself was a serious challenge.  My phone kept ringing and I purposely put my blackberry in my purse in case I caught a glimpse of Twitter or Facebook, no doubt blowing up with the news of the lucky winner.

It was worth the wait.  My favorite from the beginning (and obviously everyone else's with over 66 million votes), Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner.  His aw shucks demeanor and low key vibe was refreshing in a competition where everyone was practically shouting over each other to be heard.

The show has changed so much since it's inception, being the winner actually doesn't mean that much.  Jennifer Hudson proved that fact after being sent home in 7th place in 2004 and then ending up winning a Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.  The big prize in the beginning was that you got to record your "winning" song, released right after the season ended.  In 2005, when Carrie Underwood won, she and runner-up Bo Bice released the same song at the same time.  When I met Ryan Seacrest at Lucky Strike in Miami, this had just happened.  My friend Brian introduced me to Ryan-so sweet and came up to my chin- I launched into rapid fire questions about why they changed this and he just laughed at me and said "to make more money".  Brian was mortified that I was grilling his VIP guest, but seriously I invested a lot of time watching this show and needed an answer.  I don't think Brian will be introducing me to any more VIP bowling guests at Lucky Strike.

So in the end, Phillip Phillips is the American Idol for 2012.  When he stopped singing his song and started to tear up, I was way ahead of him, .  And then when he broke down and walked off stage right to his Mom and cute.  I think both he, Jessica and Joshua will be so successful, I am not so sure it really matters who ended up with the final song.  When I was talking about this with a friend, I couldn't even remember who won last year!

I will miss Jennifer Lopez and seeing her hair and outfits most of all...

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