Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Progressive Dinner Party

 This past weekend was the Beaux Arts Progressive Dinner party that we have been working on for the last few weeks.  With gloomy skies all day, I was so worried it would be super wet, but the weather cleared up just in time.  

The invitation was blown up and welcomed everyone when they entered the first house.  We had drinks and appetizers there and then people were shuttled to the next house in Mercedes Benz sprinter vans.  It was so cool and there was never a wait on either end.

Some of our members made the delicious appetizers. The orchids were donated by member Jamie Adams of Orchid by Jamie

The outside of the second house...we had a tent just in case.

The girls from Margaux Interiors helped with the floral arrangements.

The dinner buffet in Courtney's dining room...

Courtney, one of our hosts and Beaux Arts President Jennifer

The dessert table, also made and brought by members...

Lori, me and Allison 

Denie, our Chair, with Michele and Boo.

Our party was a great success. 
It was so much fun!

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JMW said...

Looks like a fabulous event! We just hosted the cocktail portion of a progressive dinner, but it wasn't near as lovely as your event! And love the idea of the shuttles between houses. Sounds like it was a very successful event!