Thursday, June 21, 2012


Not surprising to anyone who knows me well, my Dad is always dangling some type of carrot in front of me to get me exercising.  I have sent periodic blackberry videos of me walking as proof, always in a joking way, but I am dealing with someone who exercises every day of the week, so "here and there" walking doesn't really cut it.  It's never enough.  I do not love this is always an effort on my part.

Well, all my posts about a new kitchen and my chatter about Ikea visits have resulted in a very large carrot.  My challenge for this year is to get in shape (not go on a fad diet, seriously get in shape) AND pay off my credit cards..and my "carrot" prize will be a new kitchen.  I didn't jump on this offer immediately because there is always tons of caveats with these types of challenges.  But, after much thought and my spending all sorts of time cooking these days in my old kitchen, I decided to do it.

So since May 29th, I have been doing no carbs.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  I now realize that I practically live on carbs.  My car automatically turns in to Einstein Bagels in the morning and I have never eaten a pizza that I didn't like.  So, now I am eating lots of salad, chicken, fish and eggs.  It is paying off and I am happy to fit into some of my old clothes.  Since I got my Keratin treatment last week (that is a whole other post), it has made my walking a little easier in the morning.  I have small goals through the summer, but mostly I am DYING to fit into my favorite pair of white jeans from 2007.  I have two pairs of the same Banana Republic jeans that were my summer staple in serious rotation.  They have been folded up at the top of my closet for quite a while.  I moved them to top of my jeans pile, hopeful they will be part of my summer wardrobe before Labor Day.

As for the kitchen, will see me at Ikea drooling over all the choices.  My apartment has a very simple kitchen, so it won't be too difficult, but I am determined to maximize all the space above my current cabinets for storage.  Thankfully, with the help of my arsenal of home magazines and Pinterest, kitchen ideas are aplenty.  Here are some of my inspirations....


White white kitchen

White Kitchen traditional kitchen

white kitchen #home #kitchen

countertop and sink.

So the Mrs. Fields milk chocolate chip cookie I want so badly won't taste as good as fitting into my jeans or cooking in a new white fun kitchen.  Wish me luck!


xx BHB said...

Adore all of these kitchens .... #dreamysigh

Southern Comfortable said...

I lost 22 lbs on Weight Watchers and have kept it off two years. Good luck!

heatherhughes said...

Kristin good luck!!! I recently started exercising everyday and eating healthy and the rewards are well worth the hard work!!! You can do it! New kitchen is so exciting!!