Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Jacks for Summer

Tired of the same old Jack Rogers (I am still loyal to JR, not Bonanno)?  They have collaborated with Quadrille to come up with some amazing new designs for the Navajo sandal.  I am dying over the light blue and white ones for the summer.  The top ones in pink and brown are so cute as well. ..and the dark blue and light blue ones also would work with my wardrobe.  My two rotating pair of gold ones are so mixed together and I need to get new ones asap.  Over Memorial Day, I went to Palm Beach and saw the Calypso sandals I posted about a few weeks ago and tried them on.  I LOVED them..and they also came in a navy blue pair.  The price tag was a little steep and then I found a similar pair at Nordstrom made by the lovely Ivanka Trump.  I need to do more investigating...

Jack Rogers Quadrille sandals, $138 

Photos via Matchbook Magazine

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CDS said...

I love my JRs! xoxo