Monday, June 25, 2012

Newport Flower Show

It was a picture like this I found online that started my whole Newport summer obsession.  One of my bff's was moving there with her family and was rounding up possible babysitters for the summer.  After doing some online research of how on earth I would support myself for a summer out of town, I stumbled upon a picture promoting the Newport Flower Show with these vendor tents overlooking the ocean on the cliff walk and decided right then I had to be there.  I promoted my possible summer trip justifying that I had to be a part of this unbelievable event and would stay a few weeks before and after.  My parents were skeptical but I was relentless with my planning and filled out the vendor application and sent it in with a big check.

Fast forward a few weeks, my plans had really materialized.  I had roommates, a rental house and a very fun plan.  I didn't plan on the lovely ladies who picked the vendors for the epic Newport summer event rejecting my application to show my wares on the beautiful grounds of Rosecliff.  I was so crushed but found another show and didn't dwell on the crushing defeat.  Once I got to Newport, business-wise, it was great.  I got my jewelry into the Pink Pineapple ( the cutest store ever) and also was able to get some in Flat of the Hill in Boston (most readers know I am OBSESSED with this store).  Things just worked out and I had the time of my life.

Now I am regrouping my jewelry.  I am putting together a wholesale catalog to send out-so much work to get it together, and re-doing bits of my website to clear out some old and make room for some new.  I am going to Atlanta to the gift show in a few weeks and am hoping to find some new treasures to add to my collection.

My weight loss challenge is in full swing.  I have definitely lost weight and cannot stop shopping for new clothes.  It is much more fun shopping when things look good in the dressing room.  These are some of the goods I got...

These pants..

These shorts in white and navy...

And this red jacked I have been looking at for months.  All these sale items were an additional 40% off.  LOVE that!

Newport Flower Show photo courtesy of Susan Egan-xo

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

so proud of you for taking the get in shape challenge so seriously! It will change your life xoxo