Saturday, June 16, 2012


My super fun summer roommates are in our old house in Newport and I am so pea green with envy I can barely stand it.  It is so hot in Miami..I mean walking outside into an oven-hot.  Thank goodness I got my keratin treatment this week, because I am no match for my real hair.  Done are the days looking like Dora the Explorer, I am starting to look like myself again.  This whole chopping off my hair while still single at my age was not the smartest thing I have ever done.  The ponytail chopped off was all of my expensively straightened hair, so I have now been reminded for the last 8 months what my real hair is had been so long since I have dealt with it.  Not fun..thick, wavy and unruly. Anyway...not to belabor the hair issue (my friend Cynthia at work told me she has never met anyone who talks about their hair as much as me) but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am so excited.

I pulled together some summer images to get into the mood of the hot summer ahead.  There are some travel plans in the works and I am determined to get to Newport at some point..not sure when.  I think back of my best summer (2008) when I lived there from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  What an amazing time..driving to the Cape for trunk shows, trips to Boston, lots of fun nights out with the girls and I met so many is just the best place to be in the summer.  

GP in Talented Mr. Ripley


Kate and Pippa and their white bikinis

The amazing Elle

St. Maarten

Snack Shack at Gooseberry Beach, Newport, Rhode Island

Blake Lively in Vogue

Monogrammed Bags from Etsy


Slim Aarons

The Galley

Princess Diana

Does not need a subtitle...

Happy Summer!!!


Jennifer said...

I have never done for a beginner what do u ask for? It seems like there are so many different treatments. How long does it last? Does it have chemicals that chnage the natural shaft of your hair? Does it grow out or wash out? How do they price it? Per ounce? Any info would be great. Thanks, Jenny

JMW said...

We just returned from vacation, so these images have me homesick for the beach! I've soaked in far too much sun, rum and seafood, but it's been so great! Hope all goes well with your hair!