Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Essentials Part 1

Amazing Missoni Beach Towel $225
How fun is this towel??

Straw Hat from Banana Republic $49.50

This cute white dress to show off your summer tan...Michael Kors $89.99

Ralph Lauren silk one shoulder dress $249

Calypso Bazo Print Sarong $55

Stripe tunic

J. Crew Navy striped tunic cover-up $74

Neon Pink Pants from the Gap $49.95  I have these pants and they are so cute-you can see me from a mile away.  They are part of my outfit today for work..hope I don't get in trouble.

And just in time for the Americas Cup trials in Newport...
Lilly Pulitzer Delia Dress in You Gotta Regatta $168

Gap Ruffle Dot Dress $69.95

Ella dress in porcelain paisley

J. Crew Ella Dress in Porcelain Paisley $298

Calypso Lulu Oiseau Tunic $98

More to come...I am just getting started.
Happy Birthday to Meg!!!

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Southern Comfortable said...

I love summer! Wore my new C. Wonder white eyelet blouse today with white jeans and red sandals!