Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Several years ago, I was at a school trunk show and this cute Mom came by my table and she was wearing the most amazing gold link necklace with a gold tag with her initials stamped on it.  I practically lunged at her begging to know where she purchased it.  Her answer "some jeweler in NYC".  She couldn't remember the name.  I was crushed.  Fast forward to Vogue September 2008 and I saw this.  This is the same necklace!!!!  I pounced on my computer and poured through the website and the necklaces were so expensive!!  So, my hunt for the perfect gold disk necklace began...

This past year, I could not turn around without seeing the name Danielle Stevens plastered everywhere. She was selling very pretty, simple gold-filled versions of my necklace at reasonable prices.  I opened a wholesale account and placed a "test" order for a simple gold disk pendant.  After over a month, if finally arrived.  The chain was not great and I had to switch it out with one of mine.  I wore it every day for a few weeks and then it turned a sad shade of green.  I was so annoyed and dropped it in the bottom of my jewelry box, never to see it again, hopefully.

So, now and then I go back to Jennifer Fisher's website and drool over the amazing charms and pendants.  Even though most are out of my price range, a girl can dream.

Last Christmas, one of my friends was looking for a necklace for her niece.  We poured over the internet, especially Etsy for a simple gold-filled disk with a pretty monogram.  We both used to work at Tiffany & Co., so our expectation of engraving is pretty unrealistically high.  We found this pendant online and it was $100!!!  When it arrived, we were both pleasantly surprised at the quality and the monogramming.  I am in the process of trying to secure this line for my own stay tuned!

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Bethany said...

So eager to hear about your final result. I've had some really pretty things turn green and it's disappointing.