Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7.11 Free Slurpees Today

Today, July 11 (7-11) is free Slurpee day.  This news would have made me so happy as a child.  My Grandparents in Virginia lived in a townhouse complex that backed up to a 7-11 with a back entrance over a small creek.  We used to dig for loose change and race there for candy.  This picture cracks me up, I am the tiny one in the middle.  My cousins Kaaren and Gretchen on the ends..Roxanne to my right, Bobby to my left and my brother in the blue pants.  We used to have so much fun staying there in the summer, always at one pool or another, many trips to the beach, Kings Dominion and almost daily trips for candy at our beloved 7-11.

and in related news....
Yesterday was 6 weeks no carbs or sugar!

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