Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day and Katie Holmes

Not to make light of our country's 236th birthday, but this made me laugh so hard.  I have not commented on the Katie/Tom breakup yet but I think we haven't really scratched the surface.  The rumors just won't go away about how Katie auditioned for the role of Tom's wife 6 years ago and she was the only actress that was up for the challenge.  I have always had a hard time believing this because I still see Katie Holmes as Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek.  Having watched that series.and I mean every episode probably 4 times, I have a hard time thinking that someone so smart from Ohio, with a seriously normal family would get herself involved with such a scam.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be Mrs. Tom Cruise and all that it could offer you.  He has always been one of my favorite actors and seemingly such an amazing person.  The Scientology part is a HUGE mystery to me.  It just seems so bizarre, but in interviews all along the way, Tom credits Scientology with saving his life.  When he became an actor, he was dyslexic and had to have help memorizing all his lines since he could not read.  After becoming a Scientologist, he became a true believer (in what I am still not sure) and puts his all behind it.  The YouTube video of him talking about would scare anyone, but to each his own.  I also read an article this morning that tried to explain that since Tom is so involved with Scientology and it's highest members, they naturally would be involved with him finding his new wife, hence the "audition".  Who knows...I am just entertained by the whole thing.

In the last few months, my friend Brett has been enjoying besting me with the latest Hollywood gossip, texting me all the latest big headlines.  He is the one who broke the Whitney Houston story to me while I was at dinner and sure enough as soon as I gasped out loud and spilled the news, all the girls at the table reached for their phones to confirm the horror.  This Katie/Tom story was delightfully told to me by BFF Denie, who I could tell did not believe that I already did not know.  Well, my phone is near me at all times, but it is not physically attached to my hand.  I was surprised to hear the news for sure, but reading all the details online as they unfold is making for a great story.  The building that she and Suri moved into is where a friend of mine used to live, it is so nice and has a Whole Foods on the bottom floor.  There will be plenty of Katie/Suri sightings there this morning.

I would just like to see the old Joey/Katie back in action.  She has barely uttered a word in public since hooking up with Tom.  If you watched Dawson's Creek, then you know the girl can talk and talk and talk.  The vocabulary on that show was mind boggling and the endless chatter back and forth never seemed to stop. I, for one, am all for the reunion show that Tom reportedly but the brakes on. Bring it on.  I can already confirm two Miami viewers in Amy and I.  A bonus would be seeing where she and Pacey are now after so satisfyingly ending up together on the show's finale with Dawson acting like the tool he was in Los Angeles trying to be Steven Spielberg.

So, for now..that is all I have to say about the Katie/Tom/Suri mess.  I can't imagine what other bombshells are going to surface about this story...there is bound to be much more revealed in the coming days.

Happy 4th of July!!!


CDS said...

OMG I love it. I can't wait to hear more! :)

Kate said...

I know it's not any of our business and they should have privacy but I am SO curious! I sat behind them at a Vegas show the first week they went public (they had just done their European trip). The PDA was so over the top. It was like they were putting on a show (OR really in love/passionate I guess). I think she didn't realize what she was getting into with all of the Scientology.