Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Gold Jack Rogers have been on my feet now for so long, I couldn't tell you when I started wearing them.  They are so comfortable and I think, go with everything.  The funniest story I have ever experienced about them was when I was visiting my adorable friend Corey in East Hampton a few years ago.  She, unbelievably, was the director of a very small private summer camp for some famous people's children and had hired some of her friends to work with her. The only job she was not in charge of was the summer Chef, who was being hired by the Mother of the family she was working for.  There was a slight panic since this person would be staying in the rented house with Corey and her friends.  They got one look at her when she interviewed and with a sigh of relief, commented "she was wearing Jacks"...a huge thumbs up.  I thought this was so funny at the time, but could see what she meant.

Usually, I can get a year out of my pair of my staple gold Jack Rogers but I have used my last pair so much that they now get mixed up with the pair before and I can't tell which one is which anymore.  I need a new pair of gold, but I have been on the lookout for this pair of all black ones.  I have only seen them once in person and am now obsessed with obtaining these...they are on the Jack Rogers website thankfully.  

Black Label Navaho Sandal $138

The new line of Bahamas Jelly Jacks is so cute as well.  They are priced at $68 and also come in all black and all white.  Even though summer is half over, I might still have to get a pair of these.  Perfect for the pool, and since I live in Miami, my "summer" lasts way past Labor Day. 

Check out www.jackrogersusa.com for more info.


eas said...

Can you believe I got my first pair this year? I'm from California and they are not such a staple there. Wore them on my trip home this weekend and my 85 year old Grandmother loved them so I'm ordering her a pair this week.

I love the black!!!

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

I have the black label sandals in BROWN, love them but honestly they aren't as comfortable as the traditional navajo sandal. I am not a fan of the jellies, so uncomfortable. Needless to say, I have over 20+ pairs and still don't think I have enough! Too bad, they aren't $69 anymore....lol! ;)