Friday, August 3, 2012


I avoided all social media yesterday so I could watch the gymnastics and swimming last night in real time without knowing who won beforehand.  I shushed several people along the way who were ready to babble on about who got the gold and wondered..why does everyone want to spoil the fun????  Last night's nail bighter women's all around was so unbelievable and I was so excited to sit and watch it when I opened my computer to read an email and Facebook popped up. A well-known blogger who has a lifestyle/home accessories website posted the above picture before it even aired.  She was immediately barraged with complaints from people.I just un-liked her page and will never go back.

Why people...why????

So, beyond the annoyance of the spoiler, I loved watching that event.  Gabby Douglas is so adorable and her smile is infectious.  The swimming was super fun to watch..very happy for Michael Phelps and not too bad from super cute Ryan Lochte.  All this excitement was during a crazy search for my blackberry, which is still missing and I am now realizing that I cannot function without it.  Beyond being my phone, it is my alarm clock, information source, camera and all around safety net.  The battery was low when I last had it in my hand, so I couldn't hear it ring to find it.  I am praying that it is tucked in the couch and will appear tonight. Wish me luck!!!


Laurie Tester said...

I totally agree. I even got mad at NBC nightly news the other night when they talked about Phelps getting his 19th medal. Why must they ruin the fun. If I could watch it in real time, I would. I didn't even watch the Olympics last night because I had logged into FB and the Olympic page had posted that same picture. Lesson learned. Don't like that page if it's not near my time zone!

JMW said...

I so agree about the impact social media has had on the Olympics. If I want to watch a competition in the evenings, I basically have to avoid anything online or on TV so not to spoil it. But, that's almost impossible to do and I've had many moments revealed. But, I am very proud of Team USA. Hope you find your blackberry soon!

CDS said...

OMG I am so annoyed with people blurting out spoilers! I hate hate hate it! Luck with the mystery! xoxo

My Life as A Plate said...

Ughhh I tried to do the same thing last week, and avoided all social media and still found out due to CNN breaking newss emails.

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