Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Janet Hill Studio..Several Years Later

Some of my early followers will recall my OBSESSION with Janet Hill Studio paintings.  I stumbled upon her Etsy shop through a mention on Whitney English's website.  I was instantly attracted to her work and began stalking Etsy around 3 pm, waiting for her to post an original painting.  When she did post, it would last about 8 seconds, so you had to be ready and then pounce on it! I was lucky enough to snag three and then had to put a stop to the madness.  I had my three paintings framed and they look so beautiful in my apartment.  I have been itching to get some more, but now Janet's work has increased in value and price, so I am safely looking in her shop at her prints.  Her previous art is now sold as fine art giclee prints on watercolor type paper.  The prices range from $16 - $55 for the prints.  There are so many that you could group together. I just LOVE them.  These are a few that I have my eye on...

The Wild West- Open Edition Print
The Wild West

Lady Gertrude's Decadent Brunch With Flora And Fauna- Open Edition Print
Lady Gertrude's Decadent Brunch with Flora and Fauna

Black Walnut Manor- Limited Edition Print
Black Walnut Manor

The Dogs Of Black Walnut Manor- Gertie, Douglas, and Little Bess- Limited Edition Print

The Dogs Of Black Walnut Manor- Gertie, Douglas, and Little Bess

Red Roses And Dark Horses- Open Edition Print
Red Roses and Dark Horses

Emily Wandered Off- Open Edition Print
Emily Wondered Off

The Feline And The Fox- Open Edition Print

The Feline and the Fox

Check out the fabulous Janet Hill Studio on Etsy.


CDS said...

You turned me on to her stuff! xoxo

sSe said...

These are all so beautiful! What a talented artist!